1915 Organic


Something Massive showcase their splendid lineup of cold PRESSED organic fruit drinks

1915 Organic is a division of Bolthouse Farms (which was acquired by The Campbell Soup Company, which then sold it to Butterfly Equity). The Bolthouse family has been innovators in farming for over a century. They opened a bottling facility in 2002 to create their premium fruit and vegetable beverage brand. They had success with drinks like Vanilla Chai, Green Goodness and their Mango Smoothie. In 2007 they added a line of deliciously creamy salad dressings which included – Cucumber Ranch and Cilantro Avocado Yogurt Dressing). They knew they had crafted uniquely delicious drinks and dressings.


Their beverages, dressings and carrots are available online direct-to-consumers and at Amazon, as well as Walmart, Target, Pavilions, Vons, Albertsons and many more. While they had a strong distribution arm, their challenge was how to position their products to entice new consumers in an already very crowded field.


The Goal

1915 Organic knew they had a series of great products. But they were having a problem growing their market share. They needed to increase their name recognition and brand awareness.


The brand came to Something Massive to showcase their splendid lineup of cold pressed organic fruit, vegetable, and protein drinks. They were looking to make a splash on social media with their inspired “Fresh Revolution” – an approach that highlighted what made their products so special and would drive their target audience to explore the brand’s website and learn more about 1915 Organic.


What We Did

Something Massive’s strategy team studied the market and developed a plan to attract a new customer base to 1915 Organic’s Fresh Revolution by highlighting the healthiest ingredients that went into each bottle.

We built and managed the brand’s social profiles on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. We crafted their creative content and copy. In addition, we lead community management for each account.


Our work focused on: Social Content, Strategy, and a home page refresh.


The brand’s target audience quickly saw how delectable they were on their own or as the perfect complement to any meal. The result was a significant increase in online traffic and purchases for the brand.


Three bottles of 1915 Organic cold-pressed juice surrounded by fresh strawberries and blueberries.
A website showcasing 1915 Organic products displayed on a computer monitor.
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The social media campaign successfully achieved the following outcomes

  1. Increased brand awareness: The eye-catching visual content and informative posts attracted new followers and increased engagement across Bolthouse Farms’ social media channels, leading to greater visibility and reach for the brand.

  2. Strengthened brand identity: By consistently emphasizing the brand’s commitment to sustainability and reducing food waste, the campaign reinforced Bolthouse Farms’ identity as a responsible and environmentally conscious company. This helped build trust and loyalty among existing and new customers.

  3. Boosted sales: The heightened brand awareness and positive perception generated by the campaign led to an increase in sales of Bolthouse Farms’ fresh juice line, contributing to the company’s overall growth and success.

In conclusion, our social media campaign for Bolthouse Farms effectively showcased the brand’s dedication to freshness, taste, and sustainability, leading to increased brand awareness, a stronger brand identity, and ultimately, increased sales.

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