Angelic Bakehouse


How Something Massive’s Big Idea Marketing Campaign for Angelic Bakehouse Led To Success

About the Brand
Angelic Bakehouse’s mission was simple: to elevate the food families were eating. For them, that led to sprouted whole grains and believing that it’s not enough for food to be nutritious, it also has to taste amazing too. Bread used to be good, but now it seems you’re left choosing between unhealthy or cardboard. So they set out to change that by making NON-GMO sprouted whole grain bread with only ingredients you can pronounce that you actually enjoy eating.

Several years after joining the T. Marzetti family, they were ready to break through to consumers with a big idea marketing campaign that would directly contribute to driving revenue through consideration and trial.



Although Angelic Bakehouse has been around since 2009, they still experience relatively low brand awareness and varying distribution across the US. In some cases, consumers cannot find the exact product they want at a store in their vicinity.

They were also in the process of building out their direct-to-consumer eCommerce channel to support advertising as well as their Amazon business.


The Strategy
When Angelic Bakehouse approached Something Massive to develop a Big Idea Marketing Campaign, we knew it had to be bold, make a statement, and swing for the fences.

Our strategy team got to work researching how bread became such a faux pas. We found that since the launch of the Atkins diet in the 1970s, consumers lived with the impression that bread isn’t good for you, leading to an avoidance of it.

We also found that more than half of consumers believe it causes weight gain, 42% believe gluten causes digestive problems for most people, and only 39% know it contains fiber.

With these insights in hand, our creative team developed a campaign that not only embraces eating bread again but celebrates it.


The Campaign
The campaign kicked off with a hero video and hashtag #BreadBod which featured a montage of different people on different colored studio backgrounds, each eating Angelic bread or buns. As they eat, they confidently move their #breadbod and talk to the camera. Key phrases populated the screen for higher impact.

  1. What am I working on?
  2. I’m working on my bread bod.
  3. Give up Carbs? Over my bread body.


Our team did all of the pre-production, production, and post-production—including casting, scripting, set design, editing, and music. 


The campaign extended across social media including influencer posts in their #breadbod Swag that Something Massive developed & designed.

Cutdowns of the 30-second hero video were turned into ads across YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook and retargeted with new creative based on prior engagement.




  • Angelic Bakehouse now has established a core consumer fan base and achieved significant retail distribution opportunities.
  • Created the brand’s first breakout campaign that drove awareness and consideration
  • Positioned the brand as a premium challenger CPG brand that gets and meets the needs of the modern consumer
  • Significant increase in sales & retail distribution partners
  • Grew the brand’s direct-to-consumer business in core markets in Chicago, Minneapolis, and Milwaukee.
  • Drove traffic to eCommerce channels

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