A Case Study on Babyganics – Open for Adventure


Babyganics is a brand that offers a range of products designed to clean and care for babies and their surroundings. The brand’s primary target audience is millennials who prioritize experiences over all else.


The brand faced a challenge of establishing a cohesive brand platform that could work across all nine product categories while telling a compelling brand story that resonated with their target audience.


To address the challenge, we developed an experiential brand story that would appeal to millennial parents. We called this approach “Open for Adventure,” which showcased the brand’s ethos of encouraging hands-on exploration, letting children learn and discover while taking care of their health and safety.

We kicked off the campaign with a hero video featuring dads as the primary caregiver, promoting the unexpected adventures of parenthood. The video highlighted the brand’s key messaging – we’re for tough little customers with soft, healthy skin, we’re for letting them fall so they can learn to stand on their own, we’re for fearing less and discovering more. We’re Baby Gs and we’re open for adventure.

We furthered this brand story through digital publications like Fatherly and Baby Center, as well as a custom giffy pack in celebration of Father’s Day. Using individual vignettes, we highlighted various product categories, building awareness of our brand from ethos to product.

The campaign came to life across all digital platforms, including our Amazon storefront, influencers’ website, in-store, creative social media, and more. In the final wave of the campaign, we used retargeting and featured product hero ads designed to drive purchase both on and offline.




Our approach achieved remarkable results, with a video completion rate 16 points higher than industry benchmarks, driving product sales, and delivering measurable brand lift. Babyganics established itself as a modern brand, resonating with millennial dads, moms, and their little ones, and opening up a world of adventure for families everywhere.

In summary, Babyganics successfully delivered an experiential brand story that resonated with the target audience, established a cohesive brand platform, and achieved remarkable results across all digital platforms.å

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