Iwi – supplement Marketing

Iwi is a pioneering seaweed supplement company, focused on developing sustainable farming methods, harvesting nutrient-dense food, and protecting the planet. By sourcing Omega-3 from algae, iwi is committed to reducing the impact on marine ecosystems, utilizing renewable energy sources like sunlight and saltwater, and providing a highly bioavailable product to consumers.

Advantages of OTT and OTA Advertising

[hfe_template id=’59’] Advantages of OTT and OTA Advertising As the world of entertainment changes and people continue to move online, brands need to adapt their advertising strategies. Companies can’t rely on traditional TV ads as much as they used to; it’s no longer a given that most Americans will be watching them every night. Instead,… Continue reading Advantages of OTT and OTA Advertising

How to Market to Non-vegans

[hfe_template id=’59’] How to Market Vegan Food Products to Non-Vegans If you’re the owner of a vegan food business, chances are that you don’t want to exclude non-vegans from your audience. Non-vegans may be curious about trying out vegan products, but traditional marketing often targets people who have no interest in trying them. If you… Continue reading How to Market to Non-vegans

Reach Gen Z on Tiktok

[hfe_template id=’59’] Where to advertiser and reach GenZ TikTok, the most downloaded social media app and one of the most downloaded apps overall in 2020, is where Gen Z spends their time. Here’s how to reach them there:   Gen Z’s consumer preferences   You might have noticed that your Gen Z audience isn’t as… Continue reading Reach Gen Z on Tiktok

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