Daily Harvest


Something Massive makes Digital spot for Daily Harvest

About the Brand

Daily Harvest is a plant-based meal delivery service transforming the way we view healthy eating. They are dedicated to making it easy and delicious for people to enjoy fruits and vegetables in the fast-paced world. Daily Harvest offers ready-to-eat smoothies, flatbreads, bowls soups, and much more. 

The brand is committed to creating chef-crafted meals that appeal to everyone from seed to plate. They are passionate about the food we eat is healthy and convenient. Similarly, the brand is focused on making meal delivery sustainable and environmentally friendly. While only being sold through their DTC channels, Daily Harvest experienced tremendous growth over the years. 


The pandemic has presented Daily Harvest with a unique challenge as many people continue to work from home. Some consumers have expressed concerns about paying a premium for convenience meal delivery services, choosing instead to prepare meals themselves.

To address these concerns and combat negative perceptions that meal delivery services are lazy, expensive, or wasteful, Daily Harvest turned to Something Massive for help. Together, we created a series of TV commercials designed to showcase the convenience and quality of Daily Harvest’s products and remind consumers of the benefits of meal delivery.

Our commercials emphasized the fresh and healthy ingredients used in Daily Harvest’s meals and highlighted the ease and convenience of having delicious and nutritious meals delivered straight to your door. We also worked to dispel any misconceptions about the cost of meal delivery services by showcasing the affordability and value of Daily Harvest’s offerings.


At Something Massive, we understood the challenges faced by businesses during uncertain times, and we are committed to helping our clients overcome them with innovative and effective solutions.


Something Massive partnered with Daily Harvest’s creative team to produce multiple videos in just one day, focusing on capturing Daily Harvest’s modern aesthetic in an informative and visually engaging manner. By featuring the food as the star, we aimed to showcase the simplicity of the whole food ingredients in a way that is believable and appealing to the target audience.


To achieve this, we utilized light, bright, and authentic backgrounds that complemented the colorful Daily Harvest products. Our team also got creative with camera framing, transitions, and effects, making the content feel elevated and captivating to watch. The end result was two high-performing TV commercials, with variations for OTT, OTA, CTV, social media, and broadcast platforms.

Our approach was carefully crafted after studying the market and identifying the best ways to appeal to the target audience. We emphasized the ease of preparation, healthy ingredients, and delicious taste, making Daily Harvest a perfect snack or meal for both kids and adults.


At Something Massive, we specialize in CTV commercial ideation, production, and execution, and we are committed to creating visually stunning and effective content for our clients.

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