Full Moon - Freshly Crafted


Something Massive helps debut Full Moon’s latest line of fresh pet food.


Full Moon Pet, established in 2011 by founder Ryan Perdue, is a fourth-generation family business dedicated to the health and happiness of pets. The company produces high-quality pet treats and food using 100% human-grade ingredients, free of low-grade meats and cheap fillers. Full Moon Pet’s products, which are made in a USDA kitchen, meet either USDA or FDA standards for human consumption. The brand is committed to providing nutrient-dense, fresh-cooked, superfood-packed recipes that promote the well-being of pets.


As an advertising agency, we were engaged by Full Moon to create an original television commercial for the launch of their new dog food, Full Moon Freshly Crafted. The primary goal was to highlight the human-grade nature of their product and emphasize its real-food appearance. The secondary objective was to showcase the convenience of the product, which could be taken out of the freezer and thawed in minutes.



We created an innovative television commercial featuring a series of found video clips from the internet that showed a variety of dogs stealing human food. The voice-over states, “They have been telling us all along. They want what we want: real food.” This approach aimed to resonate with dog owners who value high-quality, healthy food for their pets and appreciate the convenience of easy-to-serve meals.

Results: The Full Moon Freshly Crafted dog food television commercial successfully achieved the following outcomes:

  1. Increased brand awareness: The engaging and relatable video clips of dogs stealing human food caught the attention of viewers, leading to increased brand awareness and a larger customer base for Full Moon Pet.

  2. Emphasized product qualities: By focusing on the human-grade nature of the product and its real-food appearance, the commercial effectively conveyed the brand’s commitment to providing high-quality, nutritious, and convenient meals for pets.

  3. Boosted sales: The positive reception of the television commercial and the increased brand awareness contributed to a surge in sales of Full Moon Freshly Crafted dog food, supporting the company’s growth and expansion.

In conclusion, the television commercial for Full Moon Freshly Crafted dog food effectively highlighted the brand’s dedication to providing human-grade, real-food products for pets, while also showcasing the convenience of their easy-to-serve meals. The successful campaign led to increased brand awareness and sales, further contributing to Full Moon Pet’s position as a leader in the pet food industry.

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