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How to Market Vegan Food Products to Non-Vegans

A close-up of a person's open mouth filled with broccoli, with the word "vegan" written on their lips to market to non-vegans.

If you’re the owner of a vegan food business, chances are that you don’t want to exclude non-vegans from your audience. Non-vegans may be curious about trying out vegan products, but traditional marketing often targets people who have no interest in trying them. If you want to expand your reach and tap into the market of people who aren’t interested in becoming vegans but who might be interested in trying a new type of food, here are some tips for getting the word out about your brand.


Frame Your Marketing Around how Consumers Will Benefit From Your Product


Think about the benefits of your vegan food product. How is it better than non-vegan options? What’s in it for the consumer? Is it healthier, tastier and more ethical? Will they save money because they’re buying less meat or dairy products? Will they help save animals by eating less meat and dairy products (and thus reducing demand)? Will they be adding less carbon dioxide to the environment by eating fewer animal products (one study found that you can reduce your carbon footprint by up to 50% if you become vegetarian)? There are many ways to frame this market in a positive light.

The key here is finding a unique benefit that resonates with consumers and makes them want to buy your product over others in the market already. 


Focus on Marketing to Flexitarians and Vegetarians


The next step is to focus your marketing on flexitarians and vegetarians. These groups are more likely to try vegan food products than meat-eaters, even if they don’t consider themselves vegans. The same reason why this strategy works for veganism also applies here: Flexitarians and vegetarians have an affinity for all things healthy and sustainable, so if you can convince them that your product is good for their health or the environment (or both), then they’ll be much more likely to pay attention to it than someone who eats meat but doesn’t care about those things.


Appeal to People who are Seeking out Healthy Products


When marketing to people who are seeking out healthy products, focus on what makes your vegan product stand apart. You can play up the fact that vegan products are healthy and natural while still being delicious, but it’s important to avoid arguing that non-vegan food is unhealthy or unnatural. Avoid using terms like “clean” or “healthy” if you’re trying to appeal to folks who aren’t vegan yet.

Instead, focus on the health benefits for yourself as an individual: eat less meat! It’ll help with weight loss! Or if you’re making a meal replacement shake: drink this instead of sugary smoothies—it’ll make your skin glow! When talking about how eating well might help others around you—your family members or friends—make sure there’s something in it for them too: their kids will love these crispy baked tofu fingers! ).


Use Positive Language


When marketing vegan and plant-based food products, you’ll want to use positive language that describes the product. Avoid using words like “vegetarian” or “vegan.” Instead, use phrases such as:

  • Plant-based
  • Cruelty-free
  • Free from

If you’re trying to market vegan food products to non-vegans, consider using a word other than vegan.

This might sound counterintuitive, but there are plenty of reasons why this can be helpful in your marketing efforts. First, it gives you more options when coming up with ways to describe your product. Second, it helps clarify what makes your product different from its competitors—and why someone should buy yours over theirs. And finally, it helps assuage the fears that some people have about giving up animal products entirely (like concerns about getting enough protein).

Plant-based sounds “healthy” without being too vague; while cruelty-free might not be understood by all consumers immediately, it is still an effective way for buyers who do understand what it means to feel good about buying from a company that won’t harm animals.




Marketing vegan products to a non-vegan audience is not easy, but it can be done. You just need to know your audience and make sure that you tailor your marketing strategy accordingly. The key is to focus on the benefits of your products rather than the ethics behind them. Use language that will appeal to non-vegans and frame your product in a positive light. 

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