Medtronic - Inspired by You


 'Inspired By You' Campaign Transforms Diabetes Care with Groundbreaking Insulin Pump and Authentic Patient Stories


Medtronic, a global leader in insulin pump technology, introduced their latest innovation, the MiniMed 670G system. This cutting-edge system automatically adjusts insulin levels, enabling patients to worry less about their diabetes and enjoy life more fully.


 The challenge was to launch a campaign inspired by the community Medtronic serves, celebrating the real-life experiences and stories of patients who benefit from the MiniMed 670G system.

Execution: The campaign, called “Inspired By You,” showcased authentic patient stories with unique branding, emphasizing how the MiniMed 670G system allows patients to lead their best lives. The campaign consisted of:

  1. An inspirational video highlighting the MiniMed 670G system’s benefits and showcasing patients’ diverse activities and accomplishments.
  2. A content universe centered on owned social media, with a wide range of topics including personal stories, aspirational content, and partnerships promoting empowerment and active lifestyles.
  3. Living Proof series featuring human stories of life before and after using Medtronic products.
  4. An Ahead of the Curve Facebook Live video strategy delivering up-to-date news in an engaging context.
  5. Always-on video content, such as the Buzzfeed-style “The No Move Move” campaign, featuring real patients sharing their experiences.


Overall, the campaign successfully increased awareness and demand for the MiniMed 670G system while building a vibrant and engaged Medtronic diabetes community, moving closer to the ultimate goal of making Medtronic synonymous with diabetes care worldwide.


In just two months, the “Inspired By You” campaign achieved significant results:

  1. Over 8 million impressions, 2 million views, and 2 million engagements.
  2. A reach of over 2.5 million, 2.8 million video views, and hundreds of thousands of engagements from lifestyle photo shoots, blog posts, Instagram takeovers, click ads, banner ads, and a Facebook Live Q&A.
  3. Facebook engagement growth by nearly 65% and an Instagram audience of over 30,000.
  4. Nearly 15 million engagements, reaching over 33 million individuals, and garnering over 6 million video views in three years.

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