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A mermaid sitting in a makeup chair

A Case Study on iwi’s Innovative and Sustainable Seaweed Supplements 

with a Mermaid Twist


Iwi is a pioneering seaweed supplement company, focused on developing sustainable farming methods, harvesting nutrient-dense food, and protecting the planet. By sourcing Omega-3 from algae, iwi is committed to reducing the impact on marine ecosystems, utilizing renewable energy sources like sunlight and saltwater, and providing a highly bioavailable product to consumers.



As a relatively new brand, iwi needed to raise awareness about its unique, sustainable, and innovative approach to producing Omega-3 supplements. The company’s target market was health-conscious consumers who value both personal wellness and environmental sustainability. To communicate its message effectively, iwi needed a digital ad campaign that captured the essence of its brand while engaging and educating the target audience.


The Digital Ad Campaign

The digital ad, featuring a quirky and memorable mermaid spokesperson, takes place behind the scenes of an iwi commercial shoot, and highlights the benefits of iwi’s Omega-3 supplements, which are sourced from algae. The ad effectively communicates the product’s 100% vegan, non-GMO, and high-absorption qualities. The mermaid humorously explains how iwi farms algae in the desert using saltwater and solar power, resulting in zero impact on marine ecosystems.


The ad’s tone and visuals are light-hearted and entertaining, with the mermaid character adding a whimsical touch that makes it easy for viewers to engage with the content. By highlighting the product’s environmental benefits, the ad appeals to the target audience’s desire for both personal health and eco-conscious choices.



The digital ad campaign successfully raised awareness about iwi’s innovative and sustainable approach to Omega-3 supplements. The engaging and informative ad, featuring the mermaid spokesperson, resonated with the target audience, leading to increased interest in the brand and its products. As a result, more consumers joined the iwi community, supporting the company’s mission to develop sustainable farming methods and feed the world.

Key Takeaways

  • iwi’s digital ad campaign effectively communicated the brand’s commitment to personal wellness and environmental sustainability through a unique, behind-the-scenes perspective featuring a mermaid spokesperson.
  • The light-hearted and engaging tone of the ad, combined with the whimsical mermaid character, made it accessible and appealing to the target audience.
  • By emphasizing the product’s unique features and benefits, iwi successfully positioned itself as a leader in sustainable and innovative Omega-3 supplements.
  • The campaign contributed to an increase in brand awareness, community growth, and support for iwi’s mission to develop sustainable farming practices.

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