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Jeni’s Ice Cream: A Case Study in Social Media Campaign Success



Jeni’s Ice Cream, an artisanal ice cream brand known for its unique flavors and quality ingredients, sought to promote their products across various social media channels to expand their audience and increase sales. Our agency developed a comprehensive campaign using the tagline “Jeni’s makes it better” to showcase the irresistible appeal of Jeni’s ice cream. This case study outlines the strategy, execution, and results of the campaign.


The primary goal of the campaign was to increase brand awareness, drive customer engagement, and boost sales through a visually appealing, emotionally resonant, and authentic representation of Jeni’s Ice Cream.


  1. Photoshoot: To create mouthwatering images that would leave a lasting impression, we focused on photographing the ice cream in its just-starting-to-melt state. This approach highlighted the creamy texture and luscious flavors of the product.
  2. Tagline: “Jeni’s makes it better” was chosen as the campaign tagline to convey the idea that Jeni’s Ice Cream elevates any moment or occasion. This tagline was versatile and easily adaptable across various social media channels.
  3. Ingredient and Process Focus: We produced ads that emphasized the high-quality ingredients and artisanal ice cream-making process, which set Jeni’s apart from its competitors. This approach highlighted the brand’s commitment to quality and its dedication to creating exceptional ice cream experiences.
  4. Featuring Jeni: We also created content featuring Jeni herself, to showcase the passion and creativity behind the brand. This personal connection added authenticity and deepened the emotional appeal of the campaign.


The campaign was executed across multiple social media channels, including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, to reach a broad audience. Each platform featured a mix of the mouthwatering images from the photoshoot, informative content about the ingredients and process, and personal stories from Jeni.

Throughout the campaign, we continuously monitored engagement and adjusted our posting frequency, content mix, and targeting to optimize performance.


The “Jeni’s makes it better” campaign was a resounding success, achieving the following results:

  1. Increased brand awareness: The campaign generated a significant increase in followers across all social media channels and improved brand recognition.

  2. Higher customer engagement: The visually appealing images and authentic storytelling led to higher engagement rates, with more likes, comments, and shares on each post.

  3. Boosted sales: As a direct result of the campaign, Jeni’s Ice Cream experienced a notable increase in sales, both online and in their brick-and-mortar stores.

The “Jeni’s makes it better” social media campaign successfully achieved its objectives by leveraging mouthwatering visuals, informative content, and authentic storytelling to showcase the irresistible appeal of Jeni’s Ice Cream. The campaign not only increased brand awareness and customer engagement but also led to a significant boost in sales, proving the effectiveness of a well-executed social media strategy.


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