Miyoko's Creamery


How Something Massive Helped Grow Awareness & Sales for Miyoko’s Creamery

About the Brand

Founded on the principle of compassion for all living beings, Founder Miyoko Schinner set out to create the world’s first plant milk creamery on a mission to craft dairy products made 100% from plants. From that, Miyoko’s Creamery was born. 

Much known for their invention of artisan vegan cheese, Miyoko’s is looking to disrupt the entire dairy industry. Their European style of cultured vegan butter and their traditional cheese-making techniques using cashew milk have earned them countless awards and recognition among the vegan community. 


Miyoko’s products are sold in most retailers across the US and in Canada, South Africa, Hong Kong, and Singapore. But, as the company grew, Miyoko’s Creamery wanted to change the perceptions about veganism and teach people compassion in the way animals are treated in the food world.


Miyoko’s Creamery came to Something Massive to help them spread awareness and sales beyond the vegan community. 

Miyoko and some scientists believe that avoiding meat and dairy is the single most significant way to reduce our impact on the Earth due to the damage farming does to the planet. So why was it so hard for traditional dairy-loving consumers to convert to vegan butter & cheese? 

The global dairy market is valued at $827.4 billion and projected to grow to about $1128 billion by 2026 – That’s a lot of moo-lah!

Miyoko’s already led a cult following across the plant-based and vegan communities. Their robust YouTube channel features Miyoko herself in the kitchen, transforming any dish into a vegan delicacy using Miyoko’s butter & cheese, even a New York-style cheesecake. 

However, it was time to go mainstream with building the Creamery of Tomorrow and get everyone, vegan or not, to become a believer in Miyoko’s Creamery. 


What We Did

Something Massive started by revamping Miyoko’s strategy, creative, and copy across always-on social media for Instagram & Facebook. The always-on social media included mapping out the social content calendar with Something Massive’s 4Ps strategy, elevating creative with a higher level of photography, videography, & design, and writing copy that introduces the brand to new audiences. 


The content came together with recipes, sustainability & compassion posts, and seasonal & timely topics like National Cheese Day or Back To School. The Something Massive team also worked collaboratively with Miyoko’s to collect and promote UGC through tags & hashtags. 


The Something Massive team led a series of media campaigns to promote product launches online and at WholeFoods Markets. In addition, the team developed the media plan, set up the accounts, placed the bids, and managed all media optimization efforts across platforms. 

The team also conducted Messaging & Creative Ad testing across In-feed, Stories, and the Facebook Audience Network. The goal was to test creative messaging around Miyoko’s butter and then use the winning copy to drive awareness for the SKU by sending traffic to the PDP for customers to learn more about the product. 



Throughout the many campaigns, Something Massive has run for Miyoko’s Creamery, they have achieved growth in most areas.

  • Grew Instagram followers & engagement
  • Drove significant sales at Wholefoods Markets 
  • Facebook & Instagram algorithms determined our creative to be high-preforming
  • Media Campaigns dramatically outperformed benchmarks 

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