Something Massive Helps nutpods Stay the #1 dairy-free creamer on Amazon and beyond.

nutpods journey to success is nothing short of remarkable. In 2013, Founder Madeline Haydon wanted a delicious plant-based creamer that was sugar-free, but it didn’t exist. So, she created nutpods. Since then, the brand has expanded into 15,000+ stores nationwide including Costco, Whole Foods, and Target, along with growing its direct-to-consumer sales. It’s now the #1 dairy-free creamer on Amazon. 

As consumer demands heightened for plant-based dairy alternatives, nutpods were well-positioned for growth. Their lineup of uniquely flavored, plant-based creamers was ideal for any diet including paleo, keto, vegetarian, vegan, and more. Now they just needed to reach beyond their loyal fan base and connect with a wider audience. 




nutpods came to Something Massive just as the Covid pandemic was affecting many buying decisions. So when they requested a creative marketing campaign to attract new customers, we knew we had to take advantage of the New Year, New You season when consumers are ready to set healthier goals for themselves. 

The campaign goal was to produce a video ad with cutdowns that not only brought new customers into the brand but to play a significant role on Amazon where they were seen as a premium option against highly competitive legacy brands. 




As you can imagine, 2020 had been unlike any year we’ve seen in our lifetimes, with a global pandemic, civil unrest, and a Presidential election. Consumers were feeling unprecedented levels of unease and stress, especially about their health and wellness, finances, families, and life in general. 

Overall, there was a lot of uncertainty, but one thing we all knew was that Health and specifically weight loss was on the consumer’s minds towards the end of 2020 and would carry into 2021. 

This had to do with the impact that COVID had on consumers’ mindset around health and making it more of a priority than ever before. Plus, consumers turned to comfort foods during the pandemic, and as the New Year approached more people were looking to get back to their pre-Covid weight. 

Even so, our strategy team found that 43% of Americans were tracking their food consumption and consumers had a strong desire to get back to their pre-Covid bodies. 


What We Did

With these significant insights, our creative and in-house production team saw an opportunity to develop ads that made healthy eating simply irresistible, for coffee, tea, and matcha lovers. The campaign showcased how stunningly smooth and delicious nutpods made every beverage. We highlighted both the great taste and zero sugar while tempting viewers to explore the full range of flavors (like Coffee Cake, Toasted Marshmallow, Oat Cinnamon Swirl, Pumpkin Spice and French Vanilla). 

Our video production was designed to be modular so that the assets we generated (video and still photography) could be used in multiple formats across many platforms & channels. To do this, we used our Magic Asset approach where our in-house production team shoots multiple variations & products within the same set-up to be later used in retargeting and message testing.


Something Massive created a series of video ads used for digital, CTV, and social. 

  • Producted nutpods’ first big video ad campaign for the New Year, New You season
  • Increased sales lift across Amazon & DTC
  • Exceeded all client expectations, and continued to partner with Something Massive for their new product launch

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