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Rekindling Parenthood's Passion with Plum Organics

Plum Organics’ Approach:
Plum Organics, known for fostering unfiltered conversations around parenting, decided to tackle another unvarnished aspect of parenthood – sex. The brand recognized that 88% of parents believed that having sex was essential to their family’s happiness. However, nearly half of millennial parents admitted to skipping sex on busy days. Plum Organics believed that a healthy parental relationship was the fuel that powered families, leading them to launch the “Do Your Partner” campaign.


Hero Video with Katie Aselton:
To kick off the “Do Your Partner” campaign, Plum Organics released a hero video featuring actress, wife, and mom Katie Aselton. The video portrayed the familiar scenario of exhausted parents finally having a moment alone, only to prioritize their phones over each other. The video humorously highlighted the need for parents to prioritize their relationship and reclaim their intimate moments.

Addressing the Problem:
The video acknowledged that most parents understand the importance of sex and know they could be having it more frequently but struggle to prioritize it. Plum Organics sought to address the underlying challenges that hindered couples from being intimate, ranging from exhaustion and distractions to concerns about upsetting their partner.


Fostering Strong Relationships:
Plum Organics emphasized that having more sex wasn’t solely about achieving physical pleasure but about maintaining a strong relationship with one’s partner. A strong partnership created a happier home for both parents and children. The campaign aimed to educate viewers on how prioritizing intimacy and connection can build a solid foundation for a fulfilling family life. and Interactive Calendar:
The campaign directed viewers to the dedicated website, The website featured an interactive calendar that humorously suggested date and time slots for alone time, helping parents carve out moments for intimacy. It also provided advice on intimacy from renowned couples therapists and author A Stir Perot.


Influencers and Partnerships:
Influencers shared personal content about the challenges of maintaining their own sex lives while parenting, creating a relatable connection with the target audience. Additionally, Plum Organics partnered with Casper, offering consumers a chance to win a mattress for the occasion, further incentivizing couples to prioritize their relationship.


Targeted Advertising and Custom Creatives:
The campaign video was strategically targeted to parents across Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Plum Organics retargeted audiences with custom creatives based on their prior viewership and engagement, ensuring a personalized and relevant experience.


Campaign Success and Impact:
The “Do Your Partner” campaign resonated strongly with parents, delivering hundreds of thousands of engagements and shares. Coordinated PR efforts resulted in significant press coverage, further amplifying the campaign’s message. The campaign video garnered over 5.5 million views, and the campaign hub received nearly 230,000 sessions, indicating high user engagement. The positive consumer sentiment and widespread awareness generated by the campaign positioned Plum Organics as a brand that understands and supports the real challenges faced by parents.


Long-Term Brand Storytelling:
Plum Organics maintained a consistent storytelling approach throughout the year, aligning with their #TeamParent promise. From emphasizing nutritious products to showcasing real people behind the brand and delivering customized email CRM programs, Plum Organics focused on humanizing the brand and creating a beloved brand story. By offering parenting survival kits and employing an omnichannel strategy, Plum Organics aimed to foster a lasting connection with its customers.

Plum Organics successfully addressed the issue of declining intimacy among parents through its “Do Your Partner” campaign. By initiating open conversations, providing resources, and leveraging influencers and partnerships, the brand not only raised awareness about the importance of maintaining a strong relationship but also


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  1. AOR: As the agency of record, we took the lead in strategizing, executing, and managing the Parenting Unfiltered campaign, aligning all stakeholders and coordinating efforts across various channels.

  2. Campaign Strategy and Execution: We developed a multi-channel approach that leveraged social media, digital content, influencers, and traditional media to tell authentic stories of parenting. The campaign showcased unfiltered moments in parenting, breaking down the unrealistic expectations often portrayed in media.

  3. Media Planning & Buying: Our team identified key channels and platforms that would best connect with our target audience. We allocated budgets and negotiated ad placements to ensure optimal exposure and engagement with the campaign.

  4. Social Content: We created a series of shareable, snackable social media content that showcased real parenting moments, such as messy mealtimes and sleepless nights. This content resonated with parents who appreciated the authenticity and relatability of these stories.

  5. Strategy: We conducted thorough market research and competitive analysis to identify opportunities and challenges for the brand. This informed our overall strategic approach, ensuring that the campaign effectively resonated with our target audience.

  6. Website Design and Development: We redesigned the Plum Organics website to better showcase the brand’s values, highlight the Parenting Unfiltered campaign, and provide a seamless user experience for customers.

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