Plum Organics - Parenting Unfiltered


 A Case Study on Plum Organics’ Authentic and Relatable Campaign



Plum Organics, a leading organic baby food manufacturer, sought to create a marketing campaign that would connect with their target audience – parents who value nutritious and high-quality food for their children. The goal of the campaign was to shed an unfiltered light on the real side of parenting and create content that resonated with real parents. Our agency was brought on board to handle all aspects of the campaign, from strategy and execution to website design and media buying.




To create a relatable and authentic campaign that resonated with parents and increased brand awareness, affinity, and sales for Plum Organics.



  1. AOR: As the agency of record, we took the lead in strategizing, executing, and managing the Parenting Unfiltered campaign, aligning all stakeholders and coordinating efforts across various channels.

  2. Campaign Strategy and Execution: We developed a multi-channel approach that leveraged social media, digital content, influencers, and traditional media to tell authentic stories of parenting. The campaign showcased unfiltered moments in parenting, breaking down the unrealistic expectations often portrayed in media.

  3. Media Planning & Buying: Our team identified key channels and platforms that would best connect with our target audience. We allocated budgets and negotiated ad placements to ensure optimal exposure and engagement with the campaign.

  4. Social Content: We created a series of shareable, snackable social media content that showcased real parenting moments, such as messy mealtimes and sleepless nights. This content resonated with parents who appreciated the authenticity and relatability of these stories.

  5. Strategy: We conducted thorough market research and competitive analysis to identify opportunities and challenges for the brand. This informed our overall strategic approach, ensuring that the campaign effectively resonated with our target audience.

  6. Website Design and Development: We redesigned the Plum Organics website to better showcase the brand’s values, highlight the Parenting Unfiltered campaign, and provide a seamless user experience for customers.

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