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Something Massive makes Digital Ad and Display Ad’s for singapore Airlines New NYC to Singapore route. 

Singapore Airlines, one of the world’s leading airlines, approached our advertising agency with a challenge: promote their new direct flight route from New York to Singapore. The new route, serviced by an Airbus A350-900 ultra long range plane, offered a time-saving, non-stop experience for travelers. Our objective was to create an advertising campaign that not only highlighted the direct nature of the flight but also showcased the new business class service and the appetizing onboard meal options. We developed a comprehensive campaign strategy that included Ad Creative, Branded Event Content, and Campaign Strategy and Execution.

Campaign Objectives:

Generate awareness about the new direct flight route from New York to Singapore

Showcase the unique features of the Airbus A350-900 ultra-long-range plane

Highlight the luxurious new business-class service

Promote the appetizing onboard meal service

Increase bookings on the new direct route

Campaign Strategy:

Our strategy was to develop a multi-channel advertising campaign that targeted both business and leisure travelers. We combined video and display ads with branded event content to create a seamless experience that showcased the unique features of the new route.


Ad Creative:

We developed a high-quality video that showcased the Airbus A350-900 plane, highlighting the benefits of the direct flight and the exceptional in-flight experience. The video featured a virtual tour of the new business class cabin, complete with lie-flat seats, ample workspace, and direct aisle access. Additionally, we focused on the appetizing onboard meal service, showcasing the gourmet dishes and culinary expertise of Singapore Airlines.

Display Ads:

Complementing the video, we created a series of display ads that featured key visuals and messaging from the video. The ads were designed to engage and inform potential travelers about the new direct flight and its unique features. These ads were placed across various online platforms and targeted towards business and leisure travelers who frequently fly between New York and Singapore.

Branded Event Content:

To further promote the campaign, we developed branded event content for Singapore Airlines to use at industry conferences, travel expos, and other relevant events. This content included banners, booth design, and promotional materials that incorporated the campaign’s key visuals and messaging.

Campaign Execution:

Our team managed the end-to-end execution of the campaign, from creative development to media planning and buying. We closely monitored the campaign’s performance and made data-driven optimizations to ensure its success.


The campaign was a resounding success, achieving the following results:

  • Significant increase in awareness of the new direct flight route among target audience
  • High engagement rates on the video and display ads, with viewers expressing interest in the luxurious business class experience and onboard meal service
  • Increased bookings on the new direct route, resulting in a positive return on investment for Singapore Airlines
  • Recognition within the industry for the innovative advertising campaign, earning several awards and accolades

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