Stater Bros. - Christian Torres

Stater Bros. Christian Torres

Something Massive makes TVC for Stater Bros.



Stater Bros. Markets, a leading supermarket chain, sought to strengthen their connection to family and community values by supporting professional footballer Christian Torres, who plays as a winger for Major League Soccer club Los Angeles FC. Our advertising agency was tasked with creating a television spot that would emphasize this connection and drive customers to their stores.



The project came with a tight timeline, and we were granted only 6 hours of access to

Christian Torres. Our challenge was to create a captivating and meaningful spot that would resonate with Stater Brothers’ target audience within these constraints.




We focused on showcasing Stater Bros commitment to family and community by designing a narrative that featured Christian Torres interacting with fans after practice, before returning home to share a home-cooked meal with his family. The spot aimed to blend the excitement of professional sports with the warmth and familiarity of everyday moments.

Execution: Despite the limited timeframe, our team swiftly organized a seamless production process that made optimal use of our time with Mr. Torres. We captured genuine interactions between Christian and his fans, emphasizing the importance of community engagement. The home setting allowed us to showcase Stater Brothers as the go-to choice for family meals, reinforcing their core messaging.




The television spot was well-received by viewers, resonating with Stater Bros. target audience and contributing to their brand identity. By highlighting their support of Christian Torres and focusing on family and community values, the campaign effectively drove customers to their locations, ultimately boosting brand visibility and store traffic.


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